Fran Welland is the founder of Access Subtitling

Based in the East End of London, I started Access Subtitling after becoming concerned at how little online video content is accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. My aim was to provide a hassle-free and affordable professional subtitling service to everyone who posts videos on the internet - from the individual at home to large multinational companies.


After leaving university in the late '80s, I began my professional life as a sub-editor and writer on magazines and papers. I then trained as a subtitler at the BBC in 1994 and spent seven years working on pre-recorded and live news programmes, as well as training new subtitlers in both disciplines. At the end of 2001, I decided to go it alone. Since then, I have enjoyed a satisfying career as a busy and successful freelance subtitler.

With organisations increasingly providing video information about their product or service, I believe that corporations, universities, charities and local government should commit to making their online information accessible to everyone who needs to use it. That means providing high-quality professional subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing on all their online content.


When using Access Subtitling, my clients can be confident that their videos will be subtitled by a professional with years of experience working on programming for all major broadcast and digital channels, as well as one-off shorts and series for social media. In addition, Access Subtitling only uses subtitlers who are trained in deaf awareness and will create a "visual soundtrack", including sound effects, speaker identification, music labels and song lyrics.


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